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Monday Dec 11 | 8-11 a.m. PST


Tuesday Dec 12 | 4-7 p.m. PST

Create CustomGPTs

🌊 Adventurous REALTORS®

Submerge into the depths of AI technology with our exclusive "Deep Dive" session. In just 3 hours, emerge as a tech-savvy REALTOR® ready to navigate the vast ocean of real estate opportunities using AI and customGPTs in chatGPT!

🤿 Your Deep Dive Itinerary:

Guided SCUBA Through AI Waters: A step-by-step journey to build your own AI-driven tools, just like preparing for a successful dive.

Hands-On, Laptops-Open Exploration: A practical session where you'll actively construct and test your customGPTs.

Insights from an AI Dive Master: Learn from an experienced AI coach specializing in the real estate sector.

🐠 Why This Deep Dive?

Explore Uncharted Territories: In real estate, the hidden treasures lie in innovation and advanced tools like customGPTs.

Streamline Your Dive: CustomGPTs can further automate the repetitive tasks, letting you focus on the more exciting aspects of real estate.

Navigate with Confidence: Use customGPTs for accurate, data-driven insights to guide your real estate decisions.

🛠️ What Treasures Will You Discover?

CustomGPTs for Listing Descriptions: Craft enchanting property descriptions that capture the soul of each listing, much like narrating the wonders of a coral reef.

CustomGPT AI-Driven Market Reports: Generate comprehensive, insightful market reports, akin to mapping the ocean's currents and trends.

And More: Uncover various ways customGPTs can enhance your real estate ventures, from video scripts to client communication.

🐚 Who Should Embark on This Journey?

* This deep dive is perfect for realtors who are:

  • Keen to explore the depths of AI in real estate.

  • Seeking a competitive edge in the ever-changing market waters.

  • Ready to plunge into hands-on, technology-driven learning.

📆 Reserve Your Dive Spot Now!

Spaces are as limited as air in a SCUBA tank! Book now to ensure your place in this unique, implementation-focused session and transform your real estate approach with the power of AI!

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Our Story

Rick Janson has been a full-time REALTOR® since 2002 after a career as a licensed attorney in Colorado. In 2023, Rick dove into AI with everything he had, consuming every course, module, lead magnet and learning opportunity he could find, then spent every spare hour implementing and experimenting to advance his knowledge even more.

Why? This is the first advance in technology that can level the playing field, turn you into a superhero and give you TIME BACK in your day. It's EXCITING!

Rick's passion for teaching was rewarded with being named the Strategic AI Partner for REALM-Global, where Rick's student base is comprised of 500+ top 1%ers at more than 110 brokerages.

How is this different?

REALTOR'S ® shortcut to AI proficiency: Quick, Practical, Effective

Our program provides a direct route to AI mastery. With streamlined lessons and focused homework, your journey is both educational and immediately applicable.

Our lessons are designed to distill complex AI concepts into clear, manageable insights, enabling rapid application in your daily real estate activities. This is a strategic approach to seamlessly integrate AI into your business practices, keeping you ahead in a constantly evolving market. Experience a unique blend of simplicity and effectiveness, crafted to elevate your real estate strategies and set you apart from the competition.

Dive into the future with Rick Janson's AI program! This isn't just any tool; it's a game-changer. Rick is gifting us with revolutionary assets that supercharge our client communications both in speed and caliber... It's breathed fresh life into my real estate endeavors, infusing each day with exhilarating twists and turns.

Trinkie Watson

How do you know this is real?

Expert-Backed; Agent-Validated

Our AI coaching program has earned the endorsement of recognized real estate experts and industry leaders, affirming its relevance and effectiveness.

The professional endorsement of REALM-Global, among others, is complemented by the vibrant feedback from our active community of REALTORS®. They regularly share their success stories and positive experiences with the program, demonstrating its real-world impact and the tangible benefits it brings to their real estate businesses.

Rick's expertise and dedication in this field have truly transformed my understanding of artificial intelligence and its practical applications.

From the very first class, it was evident that Rick possesses a profound knowledge of AI, and his ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner is nothing short of remarkable.

Ann Abernethy

What's holding you back?

A lack of a systemized process for applying Generative Al into your business model.

Let's face it, without a guide, the river of new AI information can drown you in overwhelm and uncertainty if you are not careful. You'll find that days go by wasted with no progress. Stress builds.

If you've been overwhelmed by the complexity of AI or found previous tools lacked practical application, our solution addresses both. Our program simplifies AI into digestible lessons coupled with real-world examples and actionable homework for immediate implementation. This approach makes learning AI accessible and directly applicable to your real estate business..

Just a warning—the content of this course is so valuable and opens so many possibilities, your head will explode. I can't recommend Rick highly enough!

Bob Pennypacker

Who is to blame?

Who is to blame?

It’s not your fault. All you’ve been exposed to so far is noise and information overload.

Information overload, theoretical-only approaches and the fast-paced evolution of AI make AI appear too challenging to take on and apply in your own business.

Our program addresses these challenges by distilling AI into digestible, manageable lessons, staying updated with the latest advancements and emphasizing actionable steps and real-world scenarios for immediate implementation in real estate.

Rick’s presentation was cogent, comprehensive and appealed to the varying levels of expertise and technological savvy in his audience. It was time well-spent and I know my business will be better for it.

Julie Faupel

Why now?

Gain the first mover advantage while you still can.

The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed.

In a world where real estate sales and marketing is rapidly turning to AI, our program ensures you are not just participating, but leading. Our easy-to-follow program brings immediate improvements in how you engage and sell to clients.

Donna Duryea

How can you get started?

It’s Simple. Click, Choose and Receive.

Enroll in our one of our programs today and start learning.

Our assurance is simple yet impactful: watch, learn and implement one full month of lessons, and if you don't witness a noticeable enhancement in your AI understanding and its application in your real estate business, we will book a 1:1 coaching session with you.

If we can’t help you, then we offer a money-back guarantee.

This is your risk-free pathway to leverage AI under expert guidance, ensuring a smooth transition into the AI-driven real estate frontier.

Joe Benjamin

What do you have to lose?

Now that you know the opportunity

Now that you know that the our programs will help you secure a brighter future for your business, you have 3 options:

Option 1: Do Nothing

Option 2: Figure it out on your own

Option 3: Sign up and Start Learning

You deserve to learn this!

Opportunity and increased sales are on the other side of a good decision.

Shanna Schmidt

© Copyright 2023 Rick Janson. All rights reserved

© Copyright 2023 Rick Janson. All rights reserved